27. February 2023

The industries that dominated the news in 2022

By Kobler,
CT Strom
Image 1: The table shows the number of articles in Norwegian media about interest rates in 2022. In line with higher interest rates, and particularly in connection with the announcements from Norges Bank, the media attention escalated. The articles had a huge reach with a total of 526,366,800 impressions during the year.
CT Bank
Image 2: Electricity was another popular news topic last year. We see a clear increase in media attention as prices began to rise, with a distinct peak in the number of articles in January. Articles about electricity had a total of 466,642,700 impressions during the year.
Philip Ortegren 2021
Philip Örtegren
Ansatte portrett Josefine
Josefine Nordstrand Aamodt