As a publisher or reseller you will get...
Access to a unique ecosystem
The ad ecosystem is directed toward what is unique but costly to produce and sell - editorial content. Demand comes from large and small regional, national, and Scandinavian agencies and advertisers.
A safe channel for targeting
A safe channel for advertisers to communicate with readers based on interest and mode, without the need for first- or third-party data.
Utilization of content and the news landscape
With AI in the platform, often combined with language models like chatGPT, advertisers have a powerful tool to understand and utilize targeting of all relevant editorial content, including sensitive content.
Increased competition
Kobler fosters a vibrant adtech environment and competition with the other platforms you have. Much of this is driven by advertisers' desire to be placed in a relevant and suitable context.
Legal security
No use of personal data or cookies means that the need for consent is not present. You also remain the owner of your content. In summary, there is no data leakage.
Cost-effective integration and operation
You provide us access to your content, and we set up a direct integration (Prebid or Livewrapped), or to get started, RTB. You're up and running within a few days. Everything is automated and requires minimal maintenance.
Commercial segmentation
You create your own sellable target audience segments across your brands, with the quality from Kobler. An API ensures easy import into your booking solution and ad server.
Happy readers
Increased trust and less ad fatigue as ads are perceived as relevant to your content.
Karim Ghouas 2021
Karim Ghouas