“In our experience, campaigns distributed through Kobler routinely deliver remarkably good results. Kobler campaigns stand out when it comes to viewability and video view through. This confirms the importance and effect of great contextual marketing, where the audience experiences the ads as relevant and believable.”

Torjus Green-Skolte
Sales Director and Partner at Adserve
As a publisher, you’ll get…
Cost Effective Integration
Our integration is set up to be maximally cost effective for you, the publisher.
Business Case
Based on traffic.
We negotiate deals and minimum price. Our Publisher Team takes care of the rest.
Our Publisher Team monitors traffic to make sure we get the traffic we’re supposed to, and that we bid on it.
Technical Support
Our Technical Support Team is ready to help if you encounter issues you’re not able to solve on your own.
Worry-Free Integration
Once we are granted access to your ad inventory, it only takes minutes before it’s available for contextual marketing.
No Interruption
Indexing of editorial content happens continually, without interruptions to the server.
Full Coverage on National and Local Media
We cover all of Norway’s media houses, which means that 100% of profits go to Norwegian media