3rd generation contextual marketing

Experience Kobler's cutting-edge 3rd generation contextual advertising platform, serving marketers across Scandinavia! Don't miss out on faster, easier, and safer marketing opportunities, no use of personal data.
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The Kobler Platform
  • GDPR-compliant. Good marketing doesn’t mean you have to stalk your customers.
  • Complete transparency throughout the platform. You’ll know everything through the course of the campaign, from placements to cost.
  • User friendly and self-service. You don’t have to be a programmatic trader or digital specialist to fully benefit.
  • Integrated blocking filter to guard against sensitive content. Our Brand Safety Filter automatically removes all such content. The filter may be turned off manually.
Behavioral Marketing
  • Tracks and stores personal data to reach target audience. This data may be sold.
  • No transparency! This means that you, the advertiser, can’t control where your ad actually appears.
  • Risk to brand reputation. An unfortunate placement of your ad could damage your brand.
  • Increased risk of annoying customers and causing ad blindness, as there’s no topical relevance between your message and the editorial content.


“We use Kobler for our strategic campaigns in our search for customer and candidate leads, and we’ve seen great results. Our experience with the Kobler team has been unequivocally positive—we feel seen, heard, and well cared for.”

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“Contextual advertising makes our content appear at the very moment the media start writing about the topic. When a lot is being written on a topic, like a cyber attack, we’re at the ready with highly relevant content.”

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“We‘ve become very fond of Kobler and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a superior advertising solution.”

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“Høyre has used Kobler for contextual targeting on several occasions, which has secured a high degree of relevant ad views in the right places. Kobler has been very helpful with idea sparring and setting up ad campaigns.”

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“Kobler is an important part of the targeting tools we use when planning a campaign. As an added benefit, we always receive great support from Zryan and the Kobler team.”

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Kjell Ove Flemmen
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