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“Høyre has used Kobler for contextual targeting on several occasions, which has secured a high degree of relevant ad views in the right places. Kobler has been very helpful with idea sparring and setting up ad campaigns.”

Christian A. Schjelderup
Digital Adviser in the political party Høyre
As an agency you get…
Self-Service Solution
The Kobler Platform is simple and intuitive and grants access to editorial content that is relevant to your ads.
Our Customer Success Team is ready to provide the training you need. That way you’ll be ready to take the reins when you start your first campaign.
If you need help or advice, we have a separate Support Page with all the answers. Whether you prefer video tutorials, FAQ or speaking with us directly, you’ll find it here.
As with all things new, most of us will feel a bit unsteady just as we set out. But don’t despair—we’re here to help! You, the customer, is what matters most to us, and we’ll guide and support you until you’re ready to remove the training wheels.
Technical Support
You can contact our Technical Support Team at any time, if there are issues you are not able to resolve on your own.
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Liv Jorunn Hallerud 2021
Liv Jorunn Hallerud