Kobler AS (formerly Essens.no AS) privacy policy

Kobler’s position on privacy

Let’s be clear; we take personal privacy seriously. Kobler is a platform which allows tailored communication without collecting personal data. We believe in decent marketing. We cherish the individual’s right of privacy, and we protect democratic principles. Kobler delivers contextual communication by coupling the advertiser’s message to the editorial content of the media houses, without use of personal data.

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Collected data

Collected data is limited to information related to editorial content and traffic data tied to the ad itself. We do not in any way collect personal data, or produce targeted communication based on user profiles. The marketing message is coupled to the content of what is published by the media houses.

Cookies and data processing

When you navigate on our web site, we collect, process and protect data in the form of cookies (see guide lines on the use of cookies). When you navigate on the internet domain of Kobler, you accept our cookie policy.

Kobler on internet

Kobler provides information on contextual communication, and is a service provider for advertisers on the kobler.no webpage and through our self service platform app.kobler.no. You will find updated version on Kobler’s privacy policy on the web site and in our self served platform, unless stated otherwise. When you navigate on the internet domain of Kobler, you accept our privacy policy.

Use of data

As a cloud service provider we use the collected data to understand the users’ experience of using our web site. The data is used to improve the service, provide best possible support, and to detect any security weaknesses. Identifiable user data will not be shared with commercial actors outside of Kobler unless required by law. Non identifiable user data may be used for marketing.

When you contact us

When you send us an email or use the contact form available for desktop and mobile, the information you submit will be stored to provide the best possible support for our customers and visitors. We use Zendesk for support, and the data is stored on their servers.

When you receive newsletter

If you have consent to receive newsletters, your contact information will be used to keep the list of recipients up to date, and to send you the newsletter. You can choose to stop the subscription at any point of time. We will keep the contact information to ensure we have registered you as unsubscribed, and to prevent sending you information you have not asked for.

When using our self service platform

User data is collected when you use our self service platform with the purpose to improve the service and to make the best product possible. The privacy policy is regulated in the contracts signed by our customers, and as well the terms and conditions you must accept when creating an account with us. You will find the most important information in our self service platform (requires log in).

Technology we use to collect and process data

Collected data is stored in Kobler’s system, and in 3rd parties cloud platforms. The 3rd parties are Woopra and Google Analytics for analysis, Zendesk for support and Sendgrid for newsletter. Data kept by Kobler is stored within EU. Data processed by the 3rd parties are stored in EU or USA.

If you have any questions related to personal privacy, please contact us.